Cancun Airport Q4 2023 Sees Passenger Traffic Boom with 92% Increase

Cancun International Airport continues its impressive recovery, experiencing a remarkable 92.48% increase in passenger traffic during Q4 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. This surge not only surpasses pre-pandemic levels (Q4 2019) but also marks the highest quarterly passenger volume ever recorded at the airport. This positive trend bodes well for the future of Cancun as a leading tourism destination in Mexico.

Sustained Passenger Growth at Cancun Airport - Q4 2023

Cancun International Airport (CUN) witnessed a remarkable surge in passenger traffic during Q4 2023, showcasing its continued recovery efforts and resilience. Compared to the same quarter in 2022, passenger volume skyrocketed by an impressive 92.48%, reaching a staggering 15,291,503 passengers. This signifies a significant milestone for the airport, surpassing not only pre-pandemic levels (Q4 2019) but also exceeding all other quarters since then.

Cancun Airport Passenger Volume - Q4 2019 to Q4 2023

Analyzing the data reveals a consistent upward trajectory in passenger numbers throughout 2023. Compared to Q4 2019, the pre-pandemic benchmark, Q4 2023 witnessed a remarkable 150% increase in passenger traffic. This robust growth surpasses the performance of all other quarters, solidifying the airport's full recovery from the global pandemic's impact.

Passenger Traffic at Cancun Airport – 2019 to 2022

While 2020 saw a significant decline due to the pandemic (-51.89% compared to 2019), the following years exhibited promising recovery. 2021 marked a substantial rebound (+82.06% from 2020), and 2022 continued this positive trend with a further 35.95% increase. However, it wasn't until Q4 2023 that Cancun Airport truly surpassed its pre-pandemic performance, demonstrating the strength of its recovery efforts.

Flight Statistics at Cancun Airport – December 2023

Looking at specific travel routes, Cancun Airport caters to a diverse range of destinations. Popular international routes include European cities like Skopje, Belgrade, Las Palmas, Cluj-Napoca, and Gdansk, reflecting the growing demand for European travel experiences. Domestically, Stockholm, Visby, Orebro, Borlange, and Jonkoping remain top destinations, highlighting the airport's importance for regional travel within Mexico. Airlines like BRA, SAS, Wizz Air, Sunclass Airlines, and Ryanair play a significant role in connecting Cancun to these popular destinations.

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